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Woolworths SA: Making Sustainability Sustainable

Woolworths was founded in 1931 by Max Sonnenberg, with one store in Cape Town. By 2009, it had 408 stores, making it one of the largest retail chains in the country. Woolworths’ main product ranges are food, clothing and homeware, targeted predomina

First National Bank: Developing a Culture of Innovation

It was mid-September 2010. All 50 finalists in the annual First National Bank (FNB) Innovators Campaign were about to present their ideas to the judges. For CEO Michael Jordaan, this was a highlight in his calendar – he always looked forward to bein

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities related to HIV/AIDS Prevention at Sechaba Brewery Holdings Limited

This paper investigated the perceptions of Sechaba Brewery Holdings Limited employees on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities related to HIV/AIDS prevention in order to provide informed guidelines and to increase awareness. The results in

Coca-Cola’s MDCs: Distribution Effectiveness vs Social Responsibility?

By June 2010, The Coca-Cola Company’s (Coca-Cola) micro distribution centre (MDC) network in Africa had proven to be incredibly successful. Coca-Cola had built up the network to distribute its products through small, independent local entrepreneurs

SA Metal Group: Could Bigger Be Better?

In November 2010, Clifford Barnett – director and co-owner of family business, SA Metal Group (SA Metal) – put his hard hat down on his desk, looked out on the busy scrapyard below his window in Epping, Cape Town and pondered the company’s growt

The JSE/BESA Merger: Navigating the Integration Minefield

On 22 June 2009, the JSE Limited (JSE) and the Bond Exchange of South Africa Limited (BESA) merged. Nicky Newton-King, deputy CEO of the JSE, had been tasked with leading the integration of the two organisations. She knew that a speedy and smooth tran

The JSE/BESA Merger: Navigating the Integration Minefield

The JSE/BESA Merger: Navigating the Integration Minefield A few days before the JSE Limited (JSE) and the Bond Exchange of South Africa Limited (BESA) merged on 22 June 2009, Nicky Newton-King, deputy CEO of the JSE, –who had been tasked with lea

Ndaba Ntsele: Entrepreneurial Vision

On 19 May 2010, Ndaba Ntsele – Ernst & Young World Best Entrepreneur (SA, 2007) and CEO of Pamodzi Investment Holdings (PIH), a diversified investment company – was preparing for the launch of Pamodzi Aviation the next day. The company had secured

Remgro: Distributing its Tobacco Interests

It was December 2009, just over a year since Remgro Limited (Remgro) had completed the distribution of its indirect shareholding in British American Tobacco plc (BAT): 90% of its shares had gone to its shareholders, while the balance of 10% went to a

Competition Commission: 1999–2009

The Competition Act of 1998 came into force in South Africa on 1 September 1999, and enabled the establishment of three bodies: the Competition Commission (the Commission), The Competition Tribunal (the Tribunal) and the Competition Appeal Court (CAC)

Phodiclinics’ Acquisition of New Protector:

On 31 October 2006, executives at the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and private hospital group Netcare were eager to hear the Competition Tribunal’s decision regarding the acquisition of the New Protector Group hospitals by Phodiclinics (Pty) Lt

Phodiclinics’ Acquisition of New Protector: Increasing Concentration?

Despite the fact that the summary of the Tribunal’s deliberations, with non-confidential information only, ran to some 63 pages, its decision was straightforward. The Tribunal considered that New Protector was a failing firm – “or more precisely

Competition Commission vs South African Airways (2005)

2005 – The Tribunal’s Decision The Tribunal found SAA in contravention of the Act, that is that its incentive schemes had been exclusionary and that it had abused its dominant position in the market. The Tribunal also noted while it wasn’t nece

Competition Commission vs South African Airways (2005)

In July 2005, the BA/Comair (Comair) executives were eagerly awaiting the Competition Tribunal’s decision in the case brought by the Competition Commission against South African Airways (Pty) Ltd (SAA), South Africa’s dominant domestic airline. Th

Discovery Ltd: Entrepreneurship in its DNA

On 1 September 2009, as financial services firm, Discovery Ltd was about to release its annual results for 2008/2009, its chief executive officer (CEO) and founder Adrian Gore, took some time to consider the company’s trajectory since its inception

eThekwini MetroConnect: Broadband for the Community

In the early 2000s, the eThekwini Municipality (the City) embarked on a strategy to turn Durban into a ‘Smart City’. As availability and quality of ICT infrastructure was the prerequisite for achieving this goal, the City started laying a next-gen

Team Barloworld: Building a Global Brand

It was July 2008 and the Tour de France had just finished. Barloworld Ltd, an industrial brand management company, had sponsored one of the teams that took part – named Team Barloworld. It was a team that had proven extraordinarily successful in 200

Zest: A Driving Force in Motors

Johannesburg-based Zest, well respected in the electric motor industry, was the only distributor of WEG motors throughout southern Africa. In 2001, its chief executive officer (CEO), James Blakemore, added variable speed drives (VSDs) to the product p

Woolworths SA: Something in the Yoghurt Mix (with Epilogue)

Woolworths SA: Something in the Yoghurt Mix In May 2008, alerted by a primary dairy supplier that one of its raw material suppliers may be including gelatine in its products, Julian Novak, divisional director of food at Woolworths SA , tasked his t

Verity: In Tune with Viral Marketing

Looking across the bay from her home in Hout Bay, Cape Town singer Verity Price (known to her fans as Verity) reflected on how she had not allowed the exclusive South African music industry to prevent her from making and selling her first album. She w

The Phone Shop: Growth and the Entrepreneur - Part A + Part B

(Part A) In August 2006, the lease on The Phone Shop – a business that the Brill family had run for the past 18 years – was up for renewal. In recent years, the shop had not performed well, but Eran Brill believed that because it had developed

Tashas Franchising

It was a Saturday morning in April 2009 at Tashas at Atholl Square: the first Tashas that Natasha Sideris had opened, and her flagship store. As always, the restaurant was incredibly hectic. Sideris walked over to a table where one of the guests was c

Broad–based Black Economic Empowerment: 2004 – 2009

One of the most important black economic empowerment events of the period 2004 to 2009 was the promulgation of the Broad-based Black Economic Codes of Good Conduct (the Codes) in February 2007. In 2004, when the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

Altis Biologics: From Labs to Riches?

Doctor Nicolaas Duneas was in a quandary: as he sat in his dishevelled office at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), he pondered the future of his company Altis Biologics. Founded in 2002, Altis was a small biotechnology company specialising i

Pamodzi Investment Holdings: To List or Not to List?

In January 2008, the black-owned Pamodzi Investment Holdings (PIH) was at a crossroads, as its chief executive officer (CEO), Ndaba Ntsele, sat down with his board to discuss how to finance the growth of the business. Ntsele and co-director, Solly Sit

Hollard: The Office Move

We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us – Winston Churchill (28 October 1943) By April 2009, Hollard Insurance had been in Arcadia, its new building, for a little over three years. A key motive behind the move had been to

MCM Wines in China: Taking on the Dragon

In July 2009, businessman and entrepreneur, Martyn Mills of MCM Wines, reconsidered his marketing strategy. He had been exporting his own wine to China since 2003 and had recently signed an agreement with the prestigious South African wine estate, Gro

Woolworths SA: Making Sustainability Sustainable

In February 2009, Justin Smith, manager of the Good business journey at Woolworths , a leading South African department store, was a worried man. Woolworths had launched its five-year sustainability strategy just under two years before. After undertak



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