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About AABS Case Studies

Over 500 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract.  

How to order a Case Study

To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study.

Fees will vary depending on the case, where it originated, what it is to be used for, the number of students using it and whether you are a member of that institution.

Each institution will be able to provide a guideline as to the costs involved.

Searching for a Case Study

All fields in the case studies are searchable. In order to seach the case studies you will need to type your keywords below. Click here for help with searching

Veronica Khosa: created a new model for home-based health care

Veronica Khosa is a social entrepreneur who has won international acclaim for developing a system of home based care for people suffering from chronic illness in impoverished areas. Issues dealt with in the case are; qualities and processes of social


Vodacom Customer Care provided an extensive training programme for new call centre employees. It had also made an effort to ensure that the work environment at its various call centres was pleasant with modern amenities. The company provided its staff

Volkswagen South Africa: VW up! Marketing

At the beginning of August 2016, Bridget Harpur, marketing brand manager for Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA), and Mark Handley, national sales manager, were debating how to grow sales of the entry-level VW up! that VWSA had launched in February 2

VT Pharmacy Limited

n most retail and wholesale businesses, the management of inventory is a major challenge that the business manager has to face. The level of investment in inventory is an important element of working capital that cannot be ignored when liquidity and c

Wendy Lucas Bull: making a difference

Wendy Lucas-Bull?s career was taking an entirely new direction. She had spent the last 10 years working in various capacities for FirstRand, one of South Africa?s largest financial services groups ? most recently as chief executive officer of the grou

Wendy Luhabe: on the boardwalk

Wendy Luhabe, who had been voted ‘South Africa’s most powerful business woman measured in terms of influence, not wealth’ by one of South Africa’s most respected business magazines, considered the latest offer she had received to chair the boa

West African Portland Cement: leveranging on Lafarage's global experience

After the acquisition of Blue Circle in 2001, Lafarge SA became the number one cement manufacturer worldwide. In Nigeria it inherited two companies in which Blue Circle had a majority shareholding namely West African Portland Cement (WAPCO) and Ashaka

Western Soudan Exporters

Western Soudan Exporters, a corporate body, was a trader in groundnuts, hides and skin, which often made advance deposits to middlemen to purchase these products. This was the practice in the trade to induce customers to buy. At the end of each year,

WIPHOLD: beyond labor and consumption

This is the first of a four-case series (IMD-1-0220 to IMD-1-0223). This case series documents the incredible journey from 1994 to 2005 of one of the most original black economic empowerment (BEE) vehicles in post-apartheid South Africa, the Women Inv

Women in Wine: Can Principles Turn a Profit?

In October 2016, the management team of Women in Wine – South Africa’s first wine brand to be owned and controlled by black women – gathered to prepare for the annual meeting of company shareholders. Operating conditions locally and abroad over

Woolworths Food: High-end Retail in Tough Economic Times

In February 2009, Julian Novak, Woolworths divisional director of food, announced a new strategy for the company’s food division. The South African retail sector had been affected by the global economic downturn and conditions were grim. By August

Woolworths SA: clothing turnaround strategy

In the 2004 financial year, for the third year in a row, the results of fashion and food retailer Woolworths were behind those of its competitors. Comparing turnover growth rates of the major sector players over the 2002 to 2004 period indicated that

Woolworths SA: Making Sustainability Sustainable

In February 2009, Justin Smith, manager of the Good business journey at Woolworths , a leading South African department store, was a worried man. Woolworths had launched its five-year sustainability strategy just under two years before. After undertak

Woolworths SA: Making Sustainability Sustainable

Woolworths was founded in 1931 by Max Sonnenberg, with one store in Cape Town. By 2009, it had 408 stores, making it one of the largest retail chains in the country. Woolworths’ main product ranges are food, clothing and homeware, targeted predomina

Woolworths SA: Making Sustainability Sustainable

Woolworths was founded in 1931 by Max Sonnenberg, with one store in Cape Town. By 2009, it had 408 stores, making it one of the largest retail chains in the country. Woolworths’ main product ranges are food, clothing and homeware, targeted predomina

Woolworths SA: Something in the Yoghurt Mix (with Epilogue)

Woolworths SA: Something in the Yoghurt Mix In May 2008, alerted by a primary dairy supplier that one of its raw material suppliers may be including gelatine in its products, Julian Novak, divisional director of food at Woolworths SA , tasked his t

Yahluma: A Sustainable Business Model?

Yahluma: a Sustainable Business Model? In September 2007, Pindiwe Holomisa and Nomaciko Ngoasheng, started Yahluma Solutions Ltd with the intention of building a fully-owned contact centre in Buffalo City (Eastern Cape), and making use of a Departm

Yogurt Mamas: Probiotics in Tanzania

The case illustrates a grassroots enterprise path to self-sufficiency in a subsistence market context. It explores the gradual evolution of a business model with strong pro-social mandates (pro-health, pro-women) and asks which growth options may best

Yola: Managing Multiple Challenges

The South-African founder of Yola, a San Francisco-based company that provides simple website creation software, has developed a vibrant business that went from eight to more than 40 employees in only a year. He has secured two rounds of funding from

Young Designers Emporium: growth and the entrepreneur

In the nine years since its inception, Paul Simon, founder and chief executive of Young Designers Emporium (YDE), had grown his vision of providing cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle products created by hopeful young South African designers, into a su

Zenon Environmental, Inc

Emerging markets represent a very sizable opportunity for Zenon, a leader in the membrane filtration technology, and the water treatment industry in general. The replication of the developed economies model in emerging markets is fraught with difficul

Zest: A Driving Force in Motors

Johannesburg-based Zest, well respected in the electric motor industry, was the only distributor of WEG motors throughout southern Africa. In 2001, its chief executive officer (CEO), James Blakemore, added variable speed drives (VSDs) to the product p



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AABS Case Studies

Over 300 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database.

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