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Cancelled - AABS Case Teaching & Writing Workshop 1 2016


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Event: Cancelled - AABS Case Teaching & Writing Workshop 1 2016

Location:University of Ghana Business School
Start Date: 2016-07-27
End Date:2016-07-29
Summary:Experienced, well-trained case writers bring to life real situations, which when brought into the classroom, create powerful management education tools.

Case Teaching and Writing Workshops are integrated and hands-on, focused on steering participants through a detailed case teaching and writing process, which includes; defining key skills associated with case writing and teaching, analysing the reasons for different types of cases, planning for a case & collecting information, assessing barriers and the actual case writing process, writing the teaching note and publishing options and how to publish a case.  




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Emerald AABS Case Study Competition 2016-17

The Emerald AABS 2016-17 Case Study Competition winners will be announced at the Connect conference hosted by the AUC School of Business. 

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