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Abu Yakubu

Abu Yakubu is a young man living with his older sister. His boss (a woman) asks him to prepare a report and allows him to set his own deadline. Rather than set a reasonable deadline, he sets a deadline to impress his boss. On realising his folly, rath

Absa's Free Internet Access

In 2001, overall Internet access in South Africa was around two million and Absa, one of the major banking groups in South Africa, had an Internet banking client base of 153 000. In a move aimed at doubling this client base and changing the bank’s

A new city charter for Addis Ababa

The case discusses the introduction of the city charter in the Municipality of Addis Ababa. The experience considers both the design issues of a city charter and the dynamics of the innovation it can determine. The implications in terms of governance,

A Computer-Aided Disaster at London Ambulance Service

This case looks at the well-known failure of the computer-aided despatch system that the London Ambulance Service implemented in 1992. As the date for publication of the results of the enquiry into the incident approaches, John Wilby, former chief ex

"Doer's profile" Nelson Mandela (1918-)

Profile of Nelson Mandela designed to facilitate a discussion of the nature of enduring success. Includes both biographical data and excerpts from autobiographical records

20Twenty: alternative banking

When Saambou Bank collapsed on 9 February 2002, 20twenty, its newly formed on-line banking arm, had only been in operation for six months. During the six months however, 20twenty had managed to capture the hearts of 40,000 customers with its innovativ



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