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IDC: Prioritising Development Impact

As Geoffrey Qhena, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), sat in his office at the organisation’s headquarters in Johannesburg, reviewing details of the recently published annual report in preparation for a me

Hansa Pilsener: Remaining Relevant in a Changing Market

In September 2012, Khensani Nobanda took over as general manager of Hansa Pilsener, South African Breweries’ (SAB) second-biggest brand. Under her predecessor, Mosidi Seretlo, SAB had developed a highly successful advertising campaign for Hansa, fea

SACMEQ: Monitoring the Quality of Education in Developing Countries

In October 2012, Dr Kenneth Ross, professional fellow at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia and chairperson of the Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ)

Trucking Wellness: An Industry's Response to Managing HIV/AIDS

In 2012, South Africa was still one of the countries with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world. Statistics SA estimated that in 2011, 10.6% of the total population and 16.6% of the adult population (people between 15 and 49 years of age) we

Abbas Gullet: Three-fold Dilemma at Kenya Red Cross Society

On an early Thursday morning in February 2001, Abbas Gullet walked into his new office at Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) Headquaters in Nairobi. The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) seconded him to be the Secretary General of KRCS. His eye

The Turnaround of Kenya Wildlife Service

In September 2010, three months to the end of his 6 year contract as Managing Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Dr. Julius Kipng’etich was reminiscing how he got into this job. “My appointment was over the radio. It was the media wh

Corporate Innovations at Sevenseas Technologies Ltd.

Seven Seas Technologies (SST) Ltd. was founded by Michael Macharia in 1999 when he was only 24 years old. Since then, SST Group had grown steadily over the years - evolving from a humble infrastructure based company to a multi-billion shilling full IC

Kevin Otieno-Onyango: Business and Technology Dilemma

Kevin Onyango, the owner/manager of Complexity Ltd. located in Nairobi, was in his centre on the evening of the 15th of May 2005. He was contemplating the recent positive developments in his computer business. He planned to buy an additional 10 comput

Marva Mbukali

Marva Mbukali, a first year Business student of Madaraka University was seated in front of a computer at Mt. Elgon Lab at 12:40pm struggling and still trying her best to key-in her assignments. It was Monday of the fourth week of the first semester fo


In December 1997, Dr. Macharia and his four colleagues were deeply contemplating the idea of opening their own pharmaceutical store. They had accumulated Ksh 400,000 (US$ 5334) in the bank through individual contribution of Ksh 80,000. It had been eig

LawAfrica (A)

Maina Waweru, CEO of LawAfrica, and Katarina Juma, Chief of Operations, were faced with a dilemma. Their new online business had not generated any revenue because their developer contracted to do the job had failed to deliver the website on time. More

Equity Bank: Accelerating Business Growth with IT (A,B,C)

In 2006, Equity Bank undertook the second phase of the implementation of the core banking system that included set-up and integration of the Finacle Treasury module, the ATM switch and other related auxiliary systems. During the year, they also opened

Botswana Uniform Agency (PTY) (A)

Two young Canadian women have to deal with the threat of strike in a model factory started up in a rural African village. Cross cultural management problems arise as these two women with different management styles attempt to combine rural African nor

Sapphire Beach Hotel Limited

The general manager of a financial services company is examining a request for a loan to finance the completion of a hotel on the ocean shore in Kenya. Projected costs and revenues for the first three years are presented. The manager is trying to asse

Bhiwar Enterprises

A nephew in an Indian family business has prepared a consulting report advocating changes in organizational structure and practices. His North American MBA training has influenced both the content of his recommendations and the process of suggesting t

Kashiwa Tubing Ltd.

A student at a large Boston-area university would soon be completing a dual degree in Management Information Systems and Business Administration. She is the oldest child and only member of a Japanese family that spoke English and was learning to repre

Craggier National Park

Craggier National Park is a typical game reserve located in South Africa. The game reserve's management is trying to determine the optimal mix of animal species to stock a game reserve. Jointly they are trying to determine the mix of hunting packages

Note on the Global Beer Industry

Discusses the historical context of the global beer industry, followed by a discussion of the industry in each major world market, including North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The U.S. market has only seen growth in crafting brewin

Talisman Energy Inc.

Talisman Energy is the largest Canadian oil and gas producer, with main business activities in exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquid. At a special board of directors meeting, the management

Larson in Nigeria (Revised)

The vice-president of international operations must decide whether to continue to operate or abandon the company's Nigerian joint venture. Although the expatriate general manager of the Nigerian operation has delivered a very pessimistic report, Larso

Divesting the Zambian Mining Industry

The Zambian government embarked on a divesture of its mining industry in 1992. However, by July of 2004, 67 per cent of the mining assets were still in government hands and the government is still looking for equity partners. This case can be used as

Exporting to Ghana

A loan assessment officer at Export Development Canada is evaluating a proposed deal involving the export of refurbished machines used in the forestry industry. He must decide whether Export Development Corporation should extend loans to a foreign fir

De Beers and the Global Diamond Industry

De Beers Consolidated Mines has successfully managed the global diamond industry for many decades, propping up prices at all stages of the value chain, reducing price volatility and increasing consumer demand. By the end of the 20th century, however,

Care Kenya: Making Social Enterprise Sustainable

CARE's Rural Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Promotion project is a new, market-driven approach to development in Kenya. While the project has been successful from a development standpoint, it is not commercially viable. The sector manager must dete

Lonrho (C): Lonmin

A highly respected investment banker was offered the chairmanship of Lonrho, a conglomerate headquartered in London, England with operations primarily in Africa as outlined in Lonrho (A): An African Conglomerate, product 9B05M067. The investment banke

From Lonrho to Lonmin (B): Restructuring a Conglomerate

In this supplement to Lonrho PLC (A): An African Conglomerate, product 9B05M067, Sir John Craven discusses his decision to accept the chairman position. It also looks at the general direction taken by Sir John, and how Lonrho had faired as it took thi

Lonrho PLC (A): An African Conglomerate

In January 1997, Sir John Craven, a highly respected investment banker and chairman of the investment bank Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, was offered the chairmanship of Lonrho, a conglomerate with headquarters in London, England, and operations primarily

Royal Dutch Shell in Nigeria: Operating in a Fragile State

Stuck in a quagmire of violence and political issues in Nigeria, Royal Dutch Shell's challenge was to establish socially responsible business practices to enable the company to sustain and expand its operations in Nigeria and the Niger Delta in partic

Honey Care Africa (C): Growth Alternatives

In this supplement to Honey Care Africa (A): A Different Business Model, product 9B07M022, students will gain additional insights into the entrepreneur's challenges by comparing and contrasting the Honey Care approach to three other business models.

Honey Care Africa (B): Opportunity Knocks

This is a supplement to Honey Care Africa (A): A Different Business Model, product 9B07M022. This case presents Honey Care's upstream, downstream and horizontal expansion opportunities. Students are asked to recommend a course of action that will main



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