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About AABS Case Studies

Over 500 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract.  

How to order a Case Study

To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study.

Fees will vary depending on the case, where it originated, what it is to be used for, the number of students using it and whether you are a member of that institution.

Each institution will be able to provide a guideline as to the costs involved.

Searching for a Case Study

All fields in the case studies are searchable. In order to seach the case studies you will need to type your keywords below. Click here for help with searching

Haggai Community Bank

Haggai Community Bank Limited is a fully licensed faith-based organisation operating in Nigeria. The future appears very bright for the bank: its diversification plans and an opportunity to participate in the government's newly-developed micro-finance

Hansa Pilsener: from niche to mainstream brand

South African Breweries (SAB) launched its first light beer in South Africa, Hansa Pilsener, at the end of 1975. While sales of Hansa were initially brisk, the brand's subsequent performance was disappointing, and despite repeated changes of emphasis

Hansa Pilsener: Remaining Relevant in a Changing Market

In September 2012, Khensani Nobanda took over as general manager of Hansa Pilsener, South African Breweries’ (SAB) second-biggest brand. Under her predecessor, Mosidi Seretlo, SAB had developed a highly successful advertising campaign for Hansa, fea


Since 1996, when international motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson first established a presence in South Africa, the company had grown from only one dealership to seven independent dealerships in 2007. Expansion into the female market had been hig

Hollard: The Office Move

We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us – Winston Churchill (28 October 1943) By April 2009, Hollard Insurance had been in Arcadia, its new building, for a little over three years. A key motive behind the move had been to

Honey Care Africa (A): A Different Business Model

The founding entrepreneur of Honey Care Africa (Honey Care)revitalized Kenya's national honey industry by focusing on small-holder farmers across the country. Central to the success was an innovative business model: a synergistic partnership between t

Honey Care Africa: A Tripartite Model For Sustainable Beekeeping

The director and co-founder of Honey Care Africa (Honey Care) looks back over the six years of operations and describes the original business model and several sequential changes based on feedback from rural communities, partner organizations, and lea

Honey Care Africa (B): Opportunity Knocks

This is a supplement to Honey Care Africa (A): A Different Business Model, product 9B07M022. This case presents Honey Care's upstream, downstream and horizontal expansion opportunities. Students are asked to recommend a course of action that will main

Honey Care Africa (C): Growth Alternatives

In this supplement to Honey Care Africa (A): A Different Business Model, product 9B07M022, students will gain additional insights into the entrepreneur's challenges by comparing and contrasting the Honey Care approach to three other business models.

HR at the Foschini Group

It was November 2006, just over a year since Shani Naidoo had taken up the position of Human Resources (HR) Director for the Foschini Group. Having worked in HR at FOS for 12 years previously (before taking up an HR position elsewhere for three years)


This short case is one of a mini-series of practical exercises in persuasive oral presentations. A company representative needs to convince a client that his/her software development company is what he needs to solve his problems. The objective is to

Human Resource Management in Multinational Banks in Tanzania

The case examines how the best practices of two banks were organized and managed to provide financial services to a small niche of foreign customers in the mining, tourism and construction sectors in Tanzania. The two banks claimed to be similar in ma


In May 1994, the management of Lagoon Hospital faced a new challenge: the hospital’s marketing team had brought in a proposal, from AA Ltd, a mid-sized multinational company, asking the hospital to quote a fixed price per employee per annum for its


After five years of providing a managed care product, Hygeia’s management felt that the time had come to consolidate the gains from that business by giving it as much focus as the more traditional specialist fee-for-service business that had histori

IBETO Group: the case for the Nigerian e-Enterprise

The Ibeto Group is a Nigerian conglomerate engaged in a variety of businesses from manufacturing to hotel management. Prior to the engagement of the founder's first son, the operations of the Group were predominantly manual. In this case, we see a med

IDC: Prioritising Development Impact

As Geoffrey Qhena, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), sat in his office at the organisation’s headquarters in Johannesburg, reviewing details of the recently published annual report in preparation for a me

Ideal Fittings Limited

This is the first of a two-case series (106-056-1 and 106-057-1). Most business start-ups often commence operations without establishing clearly defined accounting and control systems / structures. It has been found that small business owners in parti

Industrial Relations in South Africa: Labour Laws, Labour Institutions and Political Disillu

In 2014, South Africa experienced its longest and costliest strike ever: a five-month stoppage in the platinum sector that cast doubt on the institutions and culture of the country’s labour relations framework. After the strike came to an end in la

Irene Charnley at Johnnic Group

When she becomes chairperson of a large telecommunications board, Irene Charnley must transform the mostly white-led company to be more representative of South Africa's demographics. A rewritten version of an earlier case.

IT outsourcing at Old Mutual

It was almost three years since the South African subsidiary of the London-listed financial services organisation, Old Mutual (OMSA), had signed an information technology infrastructure outsource contract with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Thus


This two-case series tells how the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund decided to review its rates of contribution and of the ceiling on insurable earnings. This may seriously affect staff costs and Ivy Consult managers wonder whether to comply or to


This two-case series tells how the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund decided to review its rates of contribution and of the ceiling on insurable earnings. This may seriously affect staff costs and Ivy Consult managers wonder whether to comply or to

JayKay Pharmacy Limited

JayKay Pharmacy Limited began business operations as a community pharmacy in 1984 and later expanded to include the production of liquid pharmaceutical products sold through its outlets as well as through independent wholesalers and retailers. Jimi Ag

Jide Taiwo & co: hanging in the balance

This case discusses the strategies adopted by an organisation to effect the turnaround of the business when suddenly faced with the possibility of extinction on account of some daunting people management issues it had experienced. The company, which i



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AABS Case Studies

Over 300 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database.

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