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About AABS Case Studies

Over 500 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract.  

How to order a Case Study

To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study.

Fees will vary depending on the case, where it originated, what it is to be used for, the number of students using it and whether you are a member of that institution.

Each institution will be able to provide a guideline as to the costs involved.

Searching for a Case Study

All fields in the case studies are searchable. In order to seach the case studies you will need to type your keywords below. Click here for help with searching

J L Zwane - Corporate Social Responsibility meets Social Entrepreneur

It was October 2007 and more than 13 years had elapsed since South Africa’s first non-racial, democratic elections. Social entrepreneur Reverend Spiwo Xapile sat in his immaculate office at the J L Zwane centre, located on the corner of NY2 and NY7

Johannesburg Hospital: of oaths and opportunity costs

It was a Sunday evening in March 2004 and Sagie Pillay, Chief Executive Officer of the Johannesburg Hospital, was reflecting on the progress he had made since his appointment in 2000. He had been instrumental in crafting the hospital strategy project

Johannesburg Hospital Pharmacy optimising operations

In July 2006, Daleen van Schalkwyk, Chief Pharmacist at the Johannesburg Hospital, was preparing to move the pharmacy's outpatients department (OPD), or dispensary, from the temporary accommodation, back into its refurbished premises. The pharmacy, ta

John Roux at Con Roux Construction

This is the first of a two-case series (FH-0697-E and DPO-0021-E). The case covers the first year of a new managing director at Con Roux Construction. Previously the financial director and a member of the Roux family, John Roux assumes the senior mana


John Tobi, a married man with young children, is looking for a new job. He has to choose now one of four job offers and is weighing the pros and cons of each one in view of his life priorities. Trade-offs are inevitable… This case engages participan

Kagiso Trust: Deciding its Future

In November 2014, Kagiso Trust (KT) was at an important crossroads. Anti-apartheid struggle icons such as Dr Beyers Naudé and Archbishop Desmond Tutu had established the organisation with European Union (EU) funds in the 1980s to promote the struggle

Kalafgong Hospital: where have all the nurses gone?

By May 2006, Dr Trevor Fisher, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kalafong Hospital (situated to the west of Pretoria and one of South Africa's largest regional hospitals) was at his wit's end over the staff shortages at the hospital. There were sho

Kalahari.net: achieving growth in a limited market

It was February 2005 and in the past six years kalahari.net's customer base had grown from 9,000 to just under 250,000. As such it was one of South Africa's largest 'e-tailers'. Since 2001 the company had diversified out of selling only books and musi

Karen Happuck

From the conception of the idea to the production of the first KAREN Sanitary pads, Dr Chioma Ejikeme, Managing Director and founder of Karen Happuck, soon found out that venturing into manufacturing is not the same as working with a stethoscope. Afte

Kashiwa Tubing Ltd.

A student at a large Boston-area university would soon be completing a dual degree in Management Information Systems and Business Administration. She is the oldest child and only member of a Japanese family that spoke English and was learning to repre

Kevin Otieno-Onyango: Business and Technology Dilemma

Kevin Onyango, the owner/manager of Complexity Ltd. located in Nairobi, was in his centre on the evening of the 15th of May 2005. He was contemplating the recent positive developments in his computer business. He planned to buy an additional 10 comput

Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi: traditional leadership in a modern democracy

Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi became leader of the Bafokeng tribe in April 2000 upon the untimely death of his eldest brother. Unlike many other South African tribes, the Bafokeng had real title to the land they inhabited, and underneath this land were rich d

Knowledge management at Sasol: learning each lesson only once`

Andre Botha, acting Knowledge Management (KM) Officer for Sasol Limited, faced considerable challenges. In 1998, Sasol had embarked on a KM journey, championed by KM Officer Marina Hiscock. In 2000, the group had adopted a global KM strategy to extend

Kulula/Comair - Getting the Balance Right?

A plane flies overhead. As if on automatic pilot, Gidon Novick glances out his second floor office window. In reality, he doesn’t really notice the plane. His thoughts are elsewhere. He is planning: considering possibilities, ideas that could work f

Kulula.com in turnaround mode

It was October 2005. Commercial Director of the successful low cost South African airline, Kulula.com, Gidon Novick, struggled to find a solution to the airline's flight delays which impacted negatively on its customer relations. The turnaround time o

Kulula.com: Now Anyone Can Fly

kulula.com was South Africa's first true low-frills airline and had managed to be profitable from day one. Its somewhat unconventional, but very funky communication strategy contributed hugely towards its successful performance. Advertising agency, mo

Lagos State Water Corporation: transforming the corporation through IT solutions

The Lagos State Water Corporation embarks on a process of becoming financially self-sufficient and introduces IT (information technology) solutions to streamline processes. This case illustrates the challenges of managing change in a public corporatio

Larson in Nigeria

This is a Simplified Chinese version of '9B04M012'. The vice-president of international operations must decide whether to continue to operate or abandon the company's Nigerian joint venture. Although the expatriate general manager of the Nigerian oper

Larson in Nigeria (Revised)

The vice-president of international operations must decide whether to continue to operate or abandon the company's Nigerian joint venture. Although the expatriate general manager of the Nigerian operation has delivered a very pessimistic report, Larso

Laurie Dippenaar: corporate entrepreneur

By 2004, Laurie Dippenaar had been at the helm of FirstRand, one of the largest financial services groups in South Africa, for six years. He was chairman of two of the companies within the FirstRand group the Momentum Group Limited and Discovery, both

LawAfrica (A)

Maina Waweru, CEO of LawAfrica, and Katarina Juma, Chief of Operations, were faced with a dilemma. Their new online business had not generated any revenue because their developer contracted to do the job had failed to deliver the website on time. More

Lawbreed Limited

Mr. Layi Babatunde, Editor-in-chief of Lawbreed limited, publishers of Judgements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria (more commonly known as S.C. Report) was reluctant to pay for an office accommodation in Port-Harcourt in October 2002. Acquiring an offi

Leading Fruit and Veg city into fresh pastures

It was September of 2005, Brian and Mike Coppin had founded Fruit and Veg City 11 years ago and knew that over the past 11 years they had done an excellent job of translating the mission of the organisation into action. They had sustained success and


On 12 May 1999, Lechabile's management team met in the boardroom for a weekly management meeting.The company was faced with a two-fold strategic issue that had to be resolved. First, how to manage the numerous growth opportunities that presented thems

Legal Aid Board: Balancing the Scales of Justice

In 1998/1999, the Legal Aid Board faced closure because of a contingent liability of more than R600 million for legal services delivered by private practitioners to the organisation’s clients. Since then, through three phases of transformation, unde

Lehman Brothers: The Fall from Grace

On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection at the United States Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, New York. The news of Lehman’s bankruptcy filing sent shockwaves through the United States (US) financial markets



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AABS Case Studies

Over 300 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database.

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