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International Associations


This is a list of professional associations, which are international organizations.


  • AAEN - Alternative Academic Educational Network
  • AAICU - Association of American International Colleges and Universities
  • ABS - Association of Business Schools
  • ACBSP - Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs
  • ADSGM - Association of Deans of Southeast Asian Graduate Schools of Management
  • AED - Academy for Educational Development (AED); Educational Network (EdNet).
  • AEEDE - Spanish Association of Business Schools
  • AIMAF - Association des Institutions de Formation et de Perfectionnment Management d'Afrique
  • AIMS - Association of Indian Management Schools
  • AMDISA - AMDISA Reciprocal Members
  • AMDISA - Association of Management Development Institutions in South East Asia
  • AMTIESA - Association of Management Training Institutions of Eastern and Southern Africa
  • ANZAM - Australian / New Zealand Academy of Management
  • APBS - Association of Polish Business Schools
  • ARADO - Arab Administrative Development Organisation
  • BALAS - Business Administration and Latin American Studies
  • CAMAN - Central Asian Foundation for Management Development
  • CAMDA - Caribbean Management Development Organisation
  • CASBO - California Association of School Business Officials
  • CCMS - Canadian Consortium of Management Schools
  • CEEMAN - Central and East European Management Development Association
  • CFBSD/FCDEA - Canadian Federation of Business School Deans
  • CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
  • CLADEA - Latin American Business School Council
  • EADE - Eurasian Association for Distance Education (EADE);
  • EAQUALS - The European Association for Quality Language Services
  • EFMA - European Financial Management Association
  • EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development
  • EQUAL - International Association of Quality Assessment and Accreditation Agencies in the field of European management education (EQUAL);
  • FNEGE - French Foundation for Management Education
  • HACU - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • HBSAOC - Harvard Business School Alumni Association
  • IAJBS - Int'l Association of Jesuit Business Schools
  • IAUP - International Association of University President
  • INTERMAN - International Management Development Network
  • KNEA - Kansas National Education Association
  • LBSSA - London Business School Students Association
  • MBA - Association of MBAs
  • NABSA - National Alliance of Business Schools Associations USA
  • NASPAA - National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and School of Business USA
  • RABE - Russian Association of Business Education
  • SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Southern USA, Latin America
  • TASBO - Texas Association of School Business Officials
  • WAMDEVIN - West African Mangement Development Institutions Network



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