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How to Search Case Studies

The case studies search feature supports advanced search capabilities.

Exact Match

By default it will search all fields for an exact match.

e.g. Searching for africa will return case studies containing "africa", but not "african"

Contains Match

To search for part of a word, add a *

e.g. Searching for africa* will return case studies containing "africa" as well as "african" "africanisation" etc.

Does Not Contain

To make sure a word is not contained in a case stufy put a - in front

e.g. Searching for africa* -south will return all case studies that contain "africa"/"african" etc but do not contain "south"

Phrase Match

To search for a phrase, surround it in quotes.

e.g. Searching for "south africa" will return articles containing the phrase "south africa" but would not return a study with the sentence "south of the border in africa".

Field Search

To search a specific field, include it with a colon before the search terms

e.g. To search for case studies published in 2014 search for year: 2014

Available fields are:

  • title
  • author
  • type
  • teaching_notes
  • institute
  • setting
  • keywords
  • summary
  • year
  • updated_at



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