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AABS Teaching the Practice of Management 2015

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AABS TPM 2015 Programme

Theme: Teaching for the Advancement of African Excellence: Towards the African Renaissance in Management Education

“…our greatest resource is our people, especially our young population, whose energy, creativity and courage must drive Africa’s renaissance. Investment in their education and training and more generally in science, technology, research and innovation therefore remain critical to drive Africa’s modernization and development in all spheres. In this regard, the role of African business, entrepreneurs and professionals must be strengthened, so that they too contribute to the Pan African vision.”

Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chair of the African Union

Course Description:  

The Teaching the Practice Management Workshop is a refresher course of early or middle stage career educators in academia with an opportunity to develop pedagogical approaches that inspire the next generation of African leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. Part one of the program provides students with the opportunity to articulate and discover the characteristics needed to implement their teaching philosophy. Through self-reflection about their past and present pedagogical practices, participants become aware of their personal talents and areas of growth. Developing this awareness starts in building the self-efficacy and pedagogical intent needed to pursue their dreams of becoming great educators.

The second part of the programs supports participants in constructing educational action plans for professional practices. During the construction of their actions plans, participants will dialogue with each other in small and large group sessions on the guiding theories of practice in management education, teaching techniques, and how to build teaching practices that transform their classroom and universities. Creating transformative classrooms requires participants to work with each other and conference presenters in either designing or redesigning courses to be relevant within the local context. Lastly, each participant will be provided with an opportunity to present and receive feedback on his or her educational action plans from conference presenters.


  • To discuss the issues impacting that  management education in African Universities,
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on their teaching practices,
  • To expose participants to and engage in dialogue about relevant theories of practices in management education,
  • To experience using and receive feedback on teaching techniques,
  • To discuss interconnection between our research and pedagogical practices, 
  • To encourage participants in developing transformative pedagogical practices that will inspire students. 


  • Develop an awareness of issues impact management education in Africa
  • Construct an educational action plan to guide their future pedagogical practices,
  • - Discuss the barriers and pathways of implementing educational action plans. 
  • Identify areas of professional growth needed to actualize their educational action plans,
  • Integrate relevant theories of practices into their educational action plans,
  • Redesign/design a course outline and teach an abridged lesson using one of the teaching techniques in their classroom,
  • Demonstrate how they will use their research to guide their pedagogical practices, and
  • Present and receive feedback on their educational action plans. 




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